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The simple truth is your core competency is your business. Ours is evaluating places. It is our business and our passion. We are location investigators. We help companies find the best locations for their operations to succeed.

"There is a $40 million, 160-employee plant in Gadsden that would not be here had it not been for Dean."
– Mike McCain, Gadsden-Etowah County Industrial Development Authority, Gadsden, Ala.

For our corporate clients, we add focus, consistency, efficiency and speed to the process of site selection, with a goal of finding that right place where the risks are lessened and success is optimized. We will take you where you need to be. Click here to see our Corporate Site Selection and Analysis brochure.

For economic development organizations, we can help you hone your message of place, understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop an action plan that works. You cannot be everything to everybody, but you can be the best place for somebody. Ask us about our Barberbiz Review and site certification program. Click here to see our Economic Development Services brochure.

Our approach is qualitatively-driven. While we will employ the latest GIS and thematic mapping technologies for purposes of analysis, we are much more about listening and developing ideas with our clients than assembling a large amount of quantitative data and talking to them in vague consultant speech. We will present information you can understand and use.

Specialty Services
For Corporate Clients:
 • Site Selection Research and Analysis
 • Operations Consolidation and Place Comparison Analysis
 • Workforce and Skill Assessments
 • Incentive Negotiation

For Economic Development Organizations:
 • Barberbiz Review
 • Site Certification
 • SWOT Analysis/Action Plan
 • Target Industry Analysis/Business Development Strategies
 • Implementing Business Retention and Expansion

You deserve better. At Barber Business Advisors, we believe that serving the customer is supreme, and we want long-term relationships with those we serve.

Our goal goes well beyond that of a consulting contract. Rather, we want to build and sustain an on-going relationship with your organization by providing superior value. For us, customer service is not a catchphrase, but a binding philosophy, because you really do deserve better.

Now let's get to work.

Dean Barber
Barber Business Advisors, LLC
Plano, Texas
Dean Barber

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