BBA Coach & Ally: Continuing Growth and Improvement

The Japanese words kai (change) and zen (good) are used together to form kaizen, which means "change for better.” It is a philosophy of continuous improvement and the basis for the Toyota Production System.

We bring that same philosophy to economic development organizations, serving as a guide, coach, and ally to developing a continuous improvement process in order to achieve goals. Focusing on overcoming obstacles and getting better enables economic development organizations to become more efficient, responsive and create a better business environment over time.


We’ll hold strategy meetings every two weeks with a focus on the three pillars of economic development -- industry recruitment, business retention and expansion and business startups. We give periodic business development tutorials, on creating awareness and developing relationships with corporate decision makers.


Included in this retainer package is our BBA Community Review/Asset Mapping; BBA EconDev 101; BBA Project Response Review, site evaluation of BBA Site Readiness; at no extra cost. Also included is a critical review of the ED organizations's website. 


BBA will serve as guide, coach, ally and essentially an extra staff member for either a one or two-year term.


BBA Coach & Ally: Call for pricing.

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