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Kaizen Retainer: Providing Coaching and Advisement for Continous Improvement 


Economic development organizations frequently seek out ongoing outside expertise and counsel in business attraction, business retention and expansion,  real estate development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth strategies. 

BBA can be an ongoing resource, an addition to your organization team, by providing ongoing and continuous counsel. We can:

  • Provide feedback on best practices and overall strategic direction/ongoing operations

  • Hold ongoing meetings with leadership to provide coaching regarding implementation and monitoring of goal progress; recommend adjustments as needed  

  • Provide input and recommendations concerning ongoing planning initiatives so that action can be taken

  • Review organizational resources to determine if they are properly aligned to implement plans and goals

  • Provide recommendations on how to receive stakeholder feedback 

  • Recommend how to enact strategic planning to organizational action

  • Help define its "scope of services" to the business community; and better leverage economic development allies to achieve goals

  •  Recommend protocols when communicating with stakeholders and board members concerning programs, projects and return on investment

  • Assist in the evaluation of real estate properties, both buildings and sites. 

  • Provide input on evaluating requests that are outside of ED's mission

  • Review internal documents and studies and provide opinions on their value.

  • Facilitate discussions with staff to acquire feedback and determine additional focus areas for consultation

We subscribe to the fundamental principle of the Japanese management philosophy of Kaizen. 

Some key principles:


  • Determine what your customer wants and how you can improve their experience based on what they value.

  • Organize teams with clear directives and goals and equip them with the right tools and systems they need to be successful.

  • Use data to show how improvements are changing the organization so they are “tangible and visible.”


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