Image by Johnson Wang

Kaizen Retainer: Continuous Improvement


Organizations should think big but plan small with a focus on continuous improvement through incremental steps.

It is a fundamental principle to the Japanese management philosophy of Kaizen, and doing so keeps an organization on track.

We identify where processes break down and find the root causes to fix problems where they start. 


Some key principles:


  • Know your customer: Determine what your customer wants and how you can improve their experience based on what they value.

  • Empower people: Organize teams with clear directives and goals but be sure to equip them with the right tools and systems they need to be successful.

  • Be transparent: Use data to show how improvements are changing the organization so they are “tangible and visible.”


 BBA will serve as a guide, coach, teacher, and ally to develop and improve processes focused on business recruitment, business retention and expansion, and entrepreneurial development.


Our two-year retainer program is designed to establish, monitor, and enhance better processes that will make an economic development organization more effective and efficient over the long term.