August 9, 2020

The Good and Bad

It may be the norm for some time to come -- office workers logging in from their living rooms. And while it may be good for some, it's not for all.

The changes that have remote work accelerating “are a disaster for low-skilled labor and could be a good t...

August 2, 2020

He Asked

An accomplished economic developer, one whom I respect, asked for my take on whether he should consider taking a job as a site selection consultant.

He also asked about the biggest changes facing businesses with site selection in a post-COVID world.

Note that...

July 26, 2020

What is Rural?

For many of us, rural is an abstract concept. We think of farmland and forests. It’s a feeling that we get, knowing that we are out in the country. We know rural when we see it.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. government has multiple official definitions of “...

July 19, 2020

The Threat of Irrelevance

As many local governments face substantial tax revenue shortfall, I suspect we're going to see more economic development positions and perhaps even entire departments eliminated.

Witness Adrian, Michigan, where the city commission recently voted...

July 12, 2020

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

Time Will Tell

In last week's Digest, I told you about Peter Rex, a billionaire CEO who was the process of moving his company Rex Teams from Seattle to Austin.

Rex made some rather inflamatory comments, at least to some, when he sa...

July 5, 2020

Photo by Florence Jones on Unsplash

A CEO Creates a Stir

It was one man's opinion, but his comments went viral after initally appearing in the Wall Street Journal under the headline, "I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free."

Peter Rex, founder and CEO o...

June 28, 2020

An Exodus in the Making?

Speaking with a small town economic developer recently, he said he would be shifting his marketing efforts based on the fact that some tech companies say they'll let a portion of their employees work from anywhere.

There's some evidence that th...

June 21, 2020

Think Vibrancy

The No. 1 factor in downtown development, as I see it, is economic vibrancy. You've got to develop a dynamic sense of place for people to want to come downtown to do business.

Certainly, you want a downtown that physically looks good -- and there are var...

June 14, 2020

Creating Opportunities

On Aug. 5, 1864, a union fleet commanded by Rear Admiral David Farragut entered heavily mined Mobile Bay in Alabama. When one of his ships struck a mine and sank, Farragut could see his other ships pulling back.

Lashed to the rigging of his flags...

June 7, 2020

We are Better Than This

“The heart of the question is whether all Americans are to be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities, and whether we are going to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated. … One hundred years of delay have passed since President...

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