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Benefits and Solutions: What You Get

Location matters. Not all places are created equal and not all places are right for your business.


There are risks associated with every location, impacting operational costs, profits, and product quality. The cost of labor, taxes, real estate, and utilities can and do vary widely even a single region. BBA provides companies with a phased site selection process, creating efficiencies and substantial cost savings as a result. Our areas of focus include:

• Demographic profile -- residential and employed populations, socioeconomic indicators
• Labor market -- quantity and quality (talent), prevailing wages, educational and training resources.
• Business climate -- state and local tax burden, regulatory and permitting environment.
• Utilities -- (availability/reliability, cost of electricity, natural gas, water, and telecom)
• Transportation (highway, rail, air) and logistics costs
• Financial incentives. -- Tax abatements, grants, financing, worker training, site costs
• Quality of Life -- Cost of living, health-care, education, cultural/recreational opportunities
• Real Estate -- Available sites/buildings, fit and cost, typography, and geo-technical. 

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