Benefits and Solutions: What You Get

Economic development is hard work. There is no magic button.  Developing a vision and committing to a process of continuous improvement is what works. Recognizing that every community has its own strength and weaknesses, we offer a customized suite of services that gives answers and enables economic development organizations to take action and change lives.

Virtual Solutions  -- Asking the right questions. 

Entails one-on-one, online (virtual) interviews that are always confidential (no one will be identified or quoted) to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of communities and organizations. We believe it is not so much what we know but rather what we find out a diverse group of people who best know their community and organization.​ To learn more, click here.

Action Plan  -- Make Things Happen

Our alternative to the traditional strategic plan. We have devised a formula that is tailored to each community  that answers two fundamental questions – where to play (which customers to target) and how to play (creating a value proposition for those customers.) Customers are existing employers, new business startups, and companies identified for recruitment. To learn more, click here.

Community Review/Asset Mapping  -- Assessing strengths/weaknesses

We answer the question, “Where are we now?” by identifying a community's competitive advantages that can be leveraged to build the capacity for growth juxtaposed against factors that can keep it from realizing its potential.  With that comes a digital resource guide. To learn more, click here.

EconDev 101 -- Educating Stakeholders

Our one-day, crash-course seminar gives community leaders a better understanding of how economic development works in the real world. When elected officials and policymakers learn about economic development, it goes a long way in having a unified team. To learn more, click here.


Project Response -- Making the most of an opportunity

How a community responds to inquiries from companies and site selection consultants is vitally important. Superior and complete responses win projects. Deficient, incomplete responses loses them.  We help you produce the former and avoid the latter. To learn more, click here.


Site Readiness -- Transforming land into a site

Transforming a property into a viable commercial/industrial site gives a community a significant competitive advantage. We help you document that a site is controlled and available, can be fully served by utilities, and can be developed on a fast-track basis. To learn more, click here

Marketing Makeover  -- Build your brand

A primary function of an economic development organization is marketing. Effective marketing develops trust and loyalty, essentially a fan base through distinctive content that is consistent and that resonates. To learn more, click here.


Kaizen Retainer -- Pushing for continuous improvement


We bring the philosophy of kaizen to economic development organizations, serving as a guide, coach, and ally to them over an extended period in which we develop a continuous improvement process to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  We are here to serve. To learn more, click here