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Site Readiness: Turning Land into a Site  

Land is not a site, but it can be turned into a viable site, which gives a  community a significant competitive advantage.


BBA can help through a documentation process, which shows that a property is controlled and available, fully served by utilities, and can be developed on a fast-track basis.

It is a process that takes time, effort, and some expenditures from the community. Professional service providers may be needed to complete all the documentation required.

Phase 1, Property Evaluation

We ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of a property and determine it can meet the basic requirements to go forward with the documentation process. We review available records about the property and determine what documentation is lacking and will be required for the process to be completed.

Phase 2, Building the File

In Phase 2, BBA will oversee a process with the economic development organization of building a complete documentary file with the purpose of transforming land into a site. Areas of focus will be:

Property Ownership and Control

• The applicant must demonstrate ownership or control of the site or have expressed permission to offer the site for sale or lease.

• Site is marketable for a minimum of three years for industrial/commercial purposes.

• Site has an established price for sale or lease.


Property Characteristics

• The property has a minimum of 20 contiguous acres that are developable in an industrial park or 30 contiguous, developable acres for a standalone site.

• The property is reasonably rectangular.

• Zoning for industrial/commercial land use or an industrial use compatible with the existing land use in the vicinity.

• The property is accessible by a paved public roadway.


Utility Status

Documentation of status regarding the location, extent, and quality of service. Where service is not at the site, preliminary plans, cost estimates, and timelines are required.

• Public water and wastewater.

• Electric Power

• Natural Gas

• Telecommunications/broadband


Environmental and Geotech

• Environmental Phase 1 Site Assessment 

• Preliminary wetlands assessment

• Preliminary geotechnical exploration

• Information on rare or endangered species, archaeological findings or sites with historical concerns

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