Countryside Road

A Journey of Discovery


Developing effective strategies to unleash and create a better business environment within communities is our mission at BBA. We help economic developers find answers so that they can take action to change lives.

We believe that those who are responsible for executing an economic stratetgic plan have to be intimately involved in developing it. For that very reason, our economic development clients become essential members of our project team in finding practical and tactical solutions that work. This is “the BBA Way.”

We bring this same collaborative approach to corporate location analysis. Companies become a part of our site selection process in determining optimal locations, where risks are reduced and a return on investment is enhanced.

In his role as the founding principal of BBA, Dean Barber oversees a national network of consultants who are committed to providing great value through client involvement.


His belief: It is not so much what we think we know that matters, but rather what we will find out with our clients on a journey of discovery.


Together, we will find the answers and solutions. Together, we will make good things happen.

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14902 Preston Road, #404-771, Dallas TX 75254