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Business Plan
Planning To Help the Doers Do

We believe in economic development. Our primary focus is on helping economic development organizations perform on a higher level and thereby change lives.

Strategic planning/strategic does not begin or end with a report. In fact, it never ends.

Through strategic thinking, we help EDOs gain new perspectives and develop solid foundations upon which to build. We help them focus on why they are doing what they're doing, how to do it better, and how to develop a realistic, motivational plan for achieving what is practical and tactical.

And what may set us apart from other consultancies is that we insist that our clients -- the doers -- be intimately involved in the planning process. We call it the BBA Way -- planning to help the doers do.

Our aim is to stimulate thought that leads to action and new levels of excellence. T. Boone Pickens said a plan without action is just a speech. We're not in the speechmaking business.

But know this: The plan itself is less important than the strategic thinking that went into it. It is the journey that most matters. It has to be continuous and never-ending, even after a "final" report is published.

There is nothing final about economic development and continuous improvement. Our collaborative process is the solution.


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